March 27, 2016

It started with fear. Fear and trembling. There should be a body, why wasn’t there a body?! It morphed into anger. They had taken him. They had TAKEN HIM. WHERE HAD THEY TAKEN HIM?!?! It swelled into confusion. Who was this man? Why was he talking to me? Where had he come from? Didn’t he know I was looking for….


Couldn’t be…


Wait, this was…


Are you serious!? Is this happening!? I have to tell them. They’ll never believe me. I have to hug Him. This changes everything!

It changed in an instant. Fear, anger, confusion – it changed into sheer unimaginable, unhindered joy. Joy the likes of which our world had never seen before. He was risen. He was alive. And he was walking and talking amongst them. Who cared about Thursday now. The fear and doubt – not knowing who or what – that was so long ago. He was alive. What happened Friday? A distant memory now. The ring of the nails and the screams of his voice – they all paled in comparison to the sounds of the celebration that were happening now. HE IS ALIVE. Death’s sting is gone. A new kingdom has come. This changes everything.

It changed in an instant. My life. In an instant. Fear, anger and confusion – they melted away – and changed to unimaginable and unhindered joy. Joy the likes of which I had never experienced before. He was alive – and He was alive in me. I cared about Thursday now, the fear and the doubt. It meant he could beat mine too. What happened Friday? The Son of God had died in my place. The ring of the nails and screams of his voice. It should’ve bene me. It’s why I’m celebrating now. HE IS ALIVE. Death does not win. This is not, the end. A new kingdom has come. It changes everything. HE changes everything.

He is changing – me.

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