He is Risen


Empty tomb, Resurrection, Jesus is alive, Easter, Sunday Morning

Sunday – ‘there are no words’

There are no words. Mary and the others walk silently to the tomb carrying their spices, preparing for another agonizing moment. Not even sure how they would get in, Jesus’ body must be prepared for it’s eternal rest in his tomb. Just some 36 hours ago, they had walked these same roads in horror, and stood shocked and in awe outside the stone they now expected to see. The reality was setting in. He was gone now, and life would…


It started with fear. Fear and trembling. There should be a body, why wasn't there a body?! It morphed into anger. They had taken him. They had TAKEN HIM. WHERE HAD THEY TAKEN HIM?!?! It swelled into confusion. Who was this man? Why was he talking to me? Where had he come from? Didn’t he know I was looking for…. Jesus. Couldn't be… “Mary.” Wait, this was… JESUS! Are you serious!? Is this happening!? I have to tell them. They’ll…