Monday, Monday

March 21, 2016

“Monday, Monday (Bah da bah da da da), so good to me.” While he most likely wasn’t singing this song, I have to imagine Jesus was feeling a bit better about his Monday, than he had his Sunday. True, he was a day closer to the fate that awaited him. But he was also removed from the crowds, the pomp and the circumstance, and back with his friends in a small house outside the city. Each day they made the walk to the city, reminding him of what was to come. But for a brief moment, I imagine Jesus sitting outside the house by himself, finding solace and relief in knowing the people he had poured into for 3 years, the people who knew him, the ones who loved him – had followed him here.

We all want to be loved. My understanding of Jesus as a human is no different. The support of others meant something to him. Why else would he have put up with them and their ignorance? Why else bring them along to the most important moments of his life? Why else try to explain to them all that was to come, if not to hope against hope that they might understand what he was feeling, and why he was doing all of this?

In his final weeks before death, Jesus gives us so many glimpses into his humanity. It’s like he’s trying to prove it to us. He cries at Lazarus’ tomb. He gets angry at the temple. He spends more time with his friends. He draws close to his disciples. I have to believe he was anticipating the feeling of being alone sometime soon. Alone in the garden. Alone in the prison cell. Alone as he stands trial. Alone on the cross. The gospels tell us that even God turns his back on Jesus as he hangs on the cross, and so today, Monday, if only for a little while, Jesus is comforted by the company of who love him back.

I find it oddly comforting to know that the God of the universe, the God of creation, God incarnate, wanted to be around other people who cared about him. It makes him more approachable. It makes him more real. It makes him more like me. If Jesus needed people in his toughest times, it’s ok that I need them too. If Jesus is stronger in community, than so am I. If Jesus can have a tough conversation with his closest friends, than I should as well.

Today, find peace and hope in following a Savior who needed a Monday. You need them too. Because believe me, Friday will come soon enough.

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