Jesus 2020

October 14, 2020

I don’t do yard signs. It’s not because I don’t like drawing the attention of others, or because I’m against flair – rather, I’m all about it. All you’d have to do to know I’m serious, is to see me playing a sport or riding my bicycle. I’m the one wearing the gaudiest thing you’ve ever seen. No, the reason I don’t do yard signs is because I’m perhaps the least political person you’ve ever met, and I have found them to be completely antithetical to what their purpose is intended to be. 

You see, I think that when the first person decided to put a sign in their yard, it was to show support for their candidate, and to ENCOURAGE others to do the same. It was meant as a way to start a conversation with a neighbor or a friend who might be wondering who a certain candidate was or what they stood for. If you put a sign in your yard, it was because you were serious about wanting people to know, I am FOR this person, and I think you should be too. 

But somewhere along the line, something changed. Yard signs are no longer about inspiring civil conversation or bringing people together. Nope. Not at all. Now, more than ever before, they’re about declaring your hope in, and allegiance to an ideology, and the beating down of others beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that EVERYONE who puts one up is a bad person or means them that way. I have some VERY good friends, who believe strongly in what their signs preach, and they still live their lives in a way that would make their pastor proud. Want the proof? When someone smeared dog doo all over their yard sign, they attempted a civilized conversation, asked politely for that to not happen again, and ultimately didn’t retaliate and even forgave the perpetrator. So I’m not saying yard sign people are bad people. Simply that, I haven’t seen the point in having one myself – that is, until now. 

This year, I became a lawn sign person. I saw it, and I KNEW I had to have it. It is simple, and direct – and it promotes ALL the issues I care about, without tearing anyone or anything down. It is perfect, and let me tell you why. It says, “Jesus 2020” – and that is all it says. 

I can hear the gears turning in your heads. “Oh thank goodness, because Jesus was a democrat!” Or perhaps, “good, because ALL conservative Christians should be like Jesus and vote Republican!” And no matter which one you thought, let me tell you – you’d be wrong. You see my sign isn’t about politics at all. It’s not about who I want to be President, instead it’s about a PRECEDENT, I want to get back to setting. 

Instead of spending my time placing my hope and trust in a sinful, fallen person such as myself, I’d like to encourage people to get back to, or perhaps trying for the first time, to put their hope and trust in Jesus. And I’d like to remind those of us who claim to follow Him, that our mission isn’t best fulfilled through policy or platforms, but rather by treating people the way Jesus did, and the way we would like to be treated. Real love (the kind that Jesus showed), is about knowing when to gently rebuke, and when to gracefully forgive. It’s about knowing how to compassionately encourage others to be better, and knowing when to walk alongside them, showing them true servanthood. Jesus did all of these things and more, and He did them with perfection. That’s someone, and something, I can support with NO reservations.

So yes, I have a yard sign, and no, it’s not political. It’s personal. It’s about letting people know, I’m trying my best to be like Jesus in 2020, and I hope you will too. And no matter who you’re planning on voting for this year (and I think you should), I think that’s a message we could all get behind. Jesus 2020 – for more years. 

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