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June 23, 2011

Some things in life are too obvious to be coincidence. They seem to happen at the most apropos time, and tie the knot in the bow of life to finish things off. I personally believe that things like this are not the result of chance, but rather divine providence. They just work out too well, you know?

In any event, such an occasion occurred in my life last week, and it was seemingly magical. Without getting into too many specifics – my wife and I shared a conversation on our anniversary (last Friday), about our relationship and all its working parts, outside the doors of the church where we were married (not on purpose). The conversation, while not completely life changing, enabled us to reach a new level of agreement and understanding in our relationship. Turns out we were both feeling some frustration about the same things, but neither of us had brought it up until then, assuming that the other was fine with how things were. In short – we weren’t – and when we talked about it, we realized not only that, but also that we both wanted the same things for our relationship in the future. All because we took time to talk about it.

This has made me think – what else in my life am I not talking about? What things are going on that I have just become complacent or indifferent about, and as a result they aren’t functioning at the level they could or should be? Are there situations at work that could be bettered with just a short, meaningful conversation? Are there new levels my relationships with friends and family could reach, if only I would initiate the communication necessary to bring them there?

The truth is all of us become complacent in areas of life at one time or another because of stress or the need for attention in another. There’s nothing wrong with that. We can’t be all things to all people at all times. But the problem comes when we leave things and never come back to them because it’s just easier that way. We only get one shot at this earthly life, and to live it to it’s utmost potential means that sometimes, difficult conversations are necessary – and in many cases they make things a lot better. But we have to be willing and available to have them.

Last Friday, in a car, outside the place where we first vowed the rest of our lives to one another, almost 5 years to the minute later, my wife and I turned a page in our relationship. Some people might see it as a coincidence. I don’t. I see it, as a fairly obvious and symbolic way of a loving

God rewarding and speaking to two people working hard to make their relationship work at it’s very best. I’m so glad we did, and so blessed that He is the defining part of our relationship.

So think about it. Do you need to have a difficult conversation this week for the sake of making a relationship all it can be? Have you let areas in your life slip that are crying out for just a little bit of effort so they can go from hindrances to happiness? Is God patiently waiting to reward you for your efforts? If we’re honest I think all of us can say yes to one of those questions. So as someone who doesn’t believe that everything in life that seems like chance is, let me encourage you take the step and make the effort. You’re life will be better for it, I guarantee, and it definitely wont be a coincidence.

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