Jesus is alive


Let the good times roll (the stone away) – Easter Sunday

In 2021, Emily and I had a vow renewal celebration on our anniversary. We invited almost exclusively family, and a few of our LONGTIME friends, and had a tiny little ceremony and a HUGE party at a friends local farm. We hired a square dance caller lady, wore fancy clothes and ate lots of really great food. It was a really special time, filled with great conversations, tons of awkward dancing, and some really important words spoken between two people…

And then He said her name

She was weeping. Crying. Confused. Her mind raced and her side ached. This was the second time she had come to the tomb this morning - albeit fast this time. Peter and John were up ahead. She hadn’t been able to keep up - so she had stopped in the garden to catch her breath, and instead of doing that she began to cry.  There were SO many questions. Who would do this? What did they want with Him? Why…

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